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F/W09 Sweaters, Scarves, and the Others

There’s always an end and I’m finally ready to say that after this my F/W09 posts are done for the season. Let’s kick it into high gear and finish strong!

F/W09 Sweaters

With fall and winter collections, obviously, out come the sweaters. My favorite in this group is definitely that fantastic, yellow shawl-collar sweater from Hermès. It’s clean, simple, and very fashionable all in one package. My second favorite sweater is actually the busiest. I love how playful the lines are and it’s the same sort of yellow that’s in the Hermès sweater. Of course I’m talking about the one from Missoni. It almost has a modern Charlie Brown feel to the pattern that makes it even better. I love when designers take iconic patterns, toss them into their own designer blender, and hit frappé. The last two sweaters I want to talk about are kind of a tied for third, if you will, and they’re actually the first two in the image. I love that knit sweater from Adam Kimmel, although I think the attitude of the model wearing it really does help its image. He brings that extra touch of personality that makes it almost feel like you’ve caught a shot from The Sartorialist.

F/W09 Scarves

Again, because this was Fall/Winter and these are cold weather looks, the designers kicked in some really great scarves. If I were forced at gunpoint to pick 3 of them (oh the horror 😉 ) I would definitely take the Givenchy, Emporio Armani, and Michael Kors scarves. I love the hand-knitted feel to the Givenchy one. It’s almost like an heir loom or something that your grandmother made you (if your grandmother had extremely excellent knitting craftsmanship). It’s that touch of authenticity that really drives this one home as one of my favorites in the group. On the Emporio Armani scarf, I really like the touch of the floral patter on there. The brushed velvet look of the blazer definitely helps the scarf to stand out as the centerpiece in this look. Finishing off my faves is the neck muffler from Michael Kors. A lot of designers came at us with some neck mufflers for Fall/Winter and I was definitely digging them. I know all three of the ones I chose are all black, and I do kind of like that bright red one from Iceberg, but these were the standouts. The other thing of note here that I really liked was the purple sweater from Burberry Prorsum. I love how the patterns switch up and play together through it.

F/W09 The Others

Welcome to the final contact sheet…obviously there is a bunch on here. There are even a few that I kicked out to get a nice even 20 looks. I’ll give you a quick-hitter on all of the highlights in my eyes here. I love the salt & pepper accented seams on D&G cardigan and that nice blue oxford underneath. Double pocket and cut of that jacket from Dunhill really make it a winner. I love the huge scarf in the Gilded Age look and ladies…his name is Chad White and I can’t you tell if you he’s single but he is a nice guy. I love this sweater from Libertine and it seems that NoaR did as well. Moschino hit us with some upscale geek chic. The glasses and pen stitched into the sweater make it simply awesome. Most of Number (N)ine’s very editorial selection was a bit too much fantasy for my tastes, but there was just something about this look that I really liked. I like how the jacket hooks together. It almost feels like he’s some sort of mythical Shaolin cowboy. Moving down the line, I liked the interesting cut on the sweater here from Raf Simons where it looks as though there’s a piece from where neck is on the sweater comes down over the shoulders. To the last row we go here with Ralph Lauren showing a quality way to pop some color into Fall/Winter. Looping back to my first post about the colors, the mauve vest is used to perfection here. I love the amber color in the velvet blazer from Salvatore Ferragamo and the pattern on that tie is so interesting. The last two in this collection of extras have this great knit sweater that’s actually created in the same sort of pattern that the aforementioned Givenchy scarf was.

Alright that wraps up my posts on Fall/Winter 2009. I hope you all enjoyed them and were able to at least pull one thing out of these that you really liked. If I can get some of this fashion through to one person, I think all of my efforts here putting these together were worthwhile. Over the time I’ve been putting these together my SecondLife inventory has swelled to about to bursting point, so I’ve got some looks that I’m going to throw out at you guys in quick succession. Thanks so much for reading and be well everyone.


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F/W09 Suits!

Ladies and…wait…Gentlemen and Gentlemen, it’s time to get suited up! Much like my previous post this one will be much more about the pictures than what I have to say about them. So without boring the crap out of you, here’s what I’ve got!

F/W09 Suits #1

Alexander McQueen set out on a mission to bring across this early 19th century feel to his collection and he definitely hit the mark. I feel like these two guys could be in the same gang where the one on the left is the boss and then the one on the right is the young enforcer. I love the pattern on the enforcer’s suit and those fingerless gloves on the boss are fantastic as well. Calvin Klein hit us with a great suit here. The color and power of that blue suit absolutely shines right through. The model almost feels like Clark Kent walking down the street and at any moment he could hop into a phone booth and turn in Superman. My other two faves from this group are straight down from the Alexander McQueen ones. These two looks from D&G are excellent. I love the double pocket on the one blazer and that fantastic quilted pattern on the other one. The crushed velvet appeal of those pants with the quilted blazer is really great as well.

F/W09 Suits #2

The first image I like out of this group is the suit from Hermès. The clean lines and subtle shine really make this a great classic look. What takes it to the next level is that it only has two buttons total on the blazer and that shine scarf as more of an accentual piece than being what the entire look is about. The second one that I’m feeling out of this is that great looking suit from Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s almost reminiscent of a zoot suit. Jean Paul Gaultier hit the runways with a whole lot of afros and these military style suspenders. He really hit the mark for me with this look and that black-and-white striped skinny tie really adds to this look. Again, for the love of the updated classics, I really liked the suit from Loewe. The dark mauve bow tie on the deeper purple shirt with that nice, thick scarf really put this ahead of the rest. The last of my faves from this group comes from a designer whose entire collection I really dug, PLUS he used a one-man-band for the music of his show. How awesome is that? Miharayasuhiro came out with a really great F/W09 collection and this suit is just one of the many splendors of his show. I strong suggest checking out his entire collection because there are so many pieces from so many different influences all brought to together for his looks.

F/W09 Suits #3

Honestly, picking out a favorite in this group would be like picking which amazing supermodel I’d like to marry. They’re all so amazing, so I’ll touch on what I love most from each of them really quickly. The Raf Simons suit is very classic with that shine to it and those kicks are just awesome. For the Rag & Bone suit, I really like the accented edges and how well they crafted the layering in that suit. The first suit from Salvatore Ferragamo is really just awesome on all levels. It’s one of those pieces that really transcend the group where it could be dressed up very well and dressed down just as well. I am in awe of the versatility of that suit. The second suit from the Italian designer is almost as good as the first. Again, it’s a one-button blazer and that clean light gray look is just tip top. Again with Salvatore Ferragamo I love the clean lines on this suit and that camel colored shirt underneath accented by the off-center bow tie. The last one in the Ferragamo group here I picked because of the great use of color. It’s a very studious look and the sheer, pale violet, deep v-neck sweater really sets it off. Z Zegna gave us that same sort of look as the one before it, but in a much more formal form. I love that sheen feel to the shirt and tie underneath delicately playing off of the light. Last, but certainly not least is this black on black on black on black on…you get the point look from Z Zegna. What I love about this look that a lot of designers understand is that if you’re going to pull this off you have to mix up the materials and shine levels in the layers to set them apart.

F/W09 Shawl Collar Suits

The final thing I wanted to kick out there was these shawl collar suits. I have to say that I absolutely love this wrinkle in suits. Not a lot of designers took the risk to throw these out there for F/W09, but I give mad props to the ones that did. The shawl collars are just about everywhere, most notably in sweaters lately, but bringing it into these suits is absolutely brilliant. Now, these are nothing NEW new…I mean shawl collar suits were all the rage back in the 70’s, but updating them and bringing them out in this fashion is just awesome and I had to give kudos to those that used it effectively. Thus, I raise a glass to you Miharayasuhiro, Shipley & Halmos, and Versace for these superb suits.

For my next trick…er…post I’ll hit you guys up with some sweaters, scarves, and a random collage of looks that didn’t really fit into any specific categories that I happened to like to. That will finish off everything that I’ve got from F/W09, so hopefully I’ll have that done and written up very soon. Thanks everybody and happy weekend!

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F/W09 Duffle & Plaid

Holy cow, I’m actually posting! 🙂 I took a little break there for a bit, but I’m back to give you some more to think about for Fall/Winter09. In this post we’re going to hit on a couple of trends that were working their way around the shows. The first of the two that I’m going to attack is the duffle style.

F/W09 Duffle Jackets

This was popping up on a lot of different coats around the shows this year. In this spread here, we have 8 looks at a duffle coat from 6 different designers. The first look is from Dunhill and almost like a rain poncho cut of the jacket, but the material is something that you’d see more on a pea coat. I like how the mood of the jacket sort of emanates from the deep grays and blacks, but then the clasps are a bright white.

The next duffle coat we have here is from Iceberg. I’m a big fan of Iceberg and would let them outfit me head-to-toe just about any day of the week (if I had means by which to buy their entire collection). They pair up this very nice duffle jacket with a big full-zip or half-zip sweater, you can’t really tell by the shot, with a high turtleneck. This is definitely one of my favorites in the group.

Coming up next the queue we’ve got this very regal/high society sort of duffle coat from Loewe. The deep black color of the coat matched up with the leather duffle clasps and those clean leather boots just ooze the high society appeal of this look.

Three completely different uses of the duffle style coats come at you now from Paul Smith. The first one has plaids crossing all over the place, and I’ll be touching on plaids next. Much like the look from Dunhill, this Paul smith green and navy plaid jacket has white clasps that jump out at you, instead of the more textural accentuation like the previous coat from Loewe. Still near his green and navy plaid section that Paul Smith rolled out another duffle jacket, except this time it was in black and it’s excellent. The final coat from Paul Smith is this jacket with a sort of cowboy feel to the color of it, but the cut is very 80’s blazer. Any way he puts it together, I really like it.

The second to last one here is a very sporty feeling coat from Rag & Bone. The texture of the jacket almost feels like you could go for a jog in it. It’s almost like a Y-3 track jacket that I have from the S/S09 collection where it’s a nylon/polyester blend. It’s light-weight and still can keep you nice and warm. They threw a nice little shawl neck on top here as well that also gives it a nice touch.

The last duffle look we have here comes from Z Zegna. Like the Loewe coat, it’s definitely more of a dressed up coat with that brushed feel to it. As you can see on this coat, it looks almost exactly like a pea coat with the placement of the clasps where you would usually see buttons on a pea coat and a nice waist belt to hold it all together. With the thickness of the fabric that they used, you can tell that this will keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

F/W09 Plaids

The second style I’m talking about here is the plaids. They were all over the place and use in just about all respects from coats to shirts to pants to ties. Those above are just some of my faves. The first plaid pattern comes from the 3.1 Phillip Lim. I love black and grey plaid with the stripes of red through it. It’s a very cool and original pattern.

Next up we’ve got gray scale all over this jacket from Bottega Veneta. I love the pattern and also how the pattern on the sleeves matches up perfectly with the body of the jacket. This would be practically impossible to create in SecondLife, unless the sleeves or the entire coat was made with prims. It would take a talented primsmith like Cubic Effect to pull off something like this. Coming at you with another look from Bottega Veneta which is the same base pattern as the previous, but the colors are different. Also this coat comes off as more casual with the whimsical use of the wraps around the wrists, military button-up shoulders, and off-center pocket.

The first non-outerwear plaid pattern in this group comes from Etro in the form of this suit. I love the use of this deep brown, but personally I would have to break this up a bit. The plaid is great, but it can get a bit busy.

John Bartlett gives us a more refined plaid look with his take on the plaid pattern for Fall/Winter ’09. He breaks down the plaid and stripes barrier fantastically with the plaid coat and striped pants. My favorite part of this entire look is the plaid flower on the jacket. That little touch just sets it apart from all of the other looks in this plaid extravaganza here.

Moving to the bottom now, Loden Dager gave us a nice gray scale, lumberjack plaid on their coat here. It’s a lot like the look from Band of Outsiders that I showed earlier, but this is pattern has an obvious structure to it where the Band of Outsiders one was more abstract.

Sliding over, we have some more green and navy plaid from Paul Smith, but this time it’s on a blazer. Counting it up, we saw this plaid pattern from Paul Smith on outerwear, slacks, and now this blazer. He definitely carried that theme across different mediums very well.

Next on the list, we have this great jacket from Tommy Hilfiger that actually reminds me a lot of a coat that I’ve blogged before from :sey in SecondLife. The pattern on this coat has more lines in a tighter pattern than the one from :sey, but the colors are almost spot-on and the :sey coat gives you those great buckle straps.

Finishing off the plaids here we’ve got a couple of looks from Trussardi 1911. Maybe it was the Band of Outsiders hoodie that started me down this path, but I absolutely love this first look from them. The shirt, vest, and collar all just blend together so well and those pants are really great as well. The other look from Trussardi 1911 we have here is a very clean plaid. The lines in the pattern are very distinct and I love how this differentiated itself from the crowd where most used very busy plaids. Clean, simple, and very everyday.

I’ve got a lot more to cover here, so I’ll try not to take as big of a break between posts on the rest of them because of how much I have left. I’m going to try to pump these out as fast as I can. Stay tuned people. Same Oscar time, same Oscaresque station. 😉

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F/W09 Dressy Outerwear

Ohhhhhhhhhh snap. I’m back at you with more Fall/Winter 2009 hotness from the runways. This post is more of a debonair affair than the previous ones. You have your jackets that you can just toss on and go to wherever you need to head to for the day, and then you have that really nice coat that you wear for special occasions. Here is a taste of those coats:

F/W09 Dressy Outerwear #1

First up, we’ve got a very nice coat from Belstaff. The offset zipper gives a nice fashionable touch to this coat and I really like really the overall feel of this look. This definitely has a power look to it. Next up we’ve got a fantastic coat from Burberry. It’s a touch more casual than the rest of the coats I’m talking about in this, but it’s best suited for when you want a nice coat and you’re not looking for it in black. Note the nice tie for the waist. The following two we have here from Dries Van Noten and DSquared2 are two pea coats with a collar in common. I really like the deep black of the Dries Van Noten jacket, which is almost like much thicker and heavier blazer. The strong shoulders and chest pocket are nice touches to this very regal coat. The other coat with a color switch on the collar is the one from DSquared2. This coat is a much more relaxed coat than the previous, but still just as excellent in it own right. Although it’s shown with jeans, I think this coat bodes better with the white shirt and bow tie. The last two in this set have accents on the other portions of the jacket. This first one from Emporio Armani has a cut similar to the Dries Van Noten jacket in the shoulders and at the opening the cut is right down the middle. The accented pockets are great for fashionability, but I wouldn’t leave my wallet in one of them. 🙂 The last one in this group is a really great classic coat from Hermes with a tan inner lining that shows up on the cuffs and just inside the opening on either side, but left off of the collar.

F/W09 Dressy Outerwear #2

Moving right along with the coats here we’ve got a really well put together pea coat from Iceberg. Very classic lines on this coat and definitely set off with that huge scarf. The second in the line here is very classic as well, but it’s also very classic Michael Kors. The overall feel of this look from Michael Kors seems to be right in line with the look of most of the S/S09 Michael Kors campaign. It’s very well-put together and very elevated. Note the knit collar as well, as it’s definitely something to look out for in F/W09 trend spotting. The next look here from Richard Chai looks like it’s casual, but really this jacket can go both ways. You can wear it like the designer tosses it out here or suit it up underneath and work it as a nice softly textured plaid coat to offset the solid colors of say a navy suit. Sliding on down to the bottom row we’ve got a great jacket from Salvatore Ferragamo. It carries over the accent seams that were rampant in the S/S09 shows and brings to fall astonishingly well with the military feel to boot! Finishing off this post we’ve got two looks from the Z Zegna show. The first one here is a great black coat with those little, shiny accents over the front of the shoulders that really set it apart from the rest. Last, but definitely not least, is this great deep brown jacket with a teeny bit of shine to fabric and, like the previous Z Zegna coat, a bigger sprinkle of shiny accents down the front. These accents aligned themselves with the theme of show as if the rain just stopped falling on the models with wet asphalt look of the runway.

And that wraps up my picks for dressy outerwear from the latest shows. Coming up next I’ll hit you with a couple of trends that were really overtaking the runway in the outerwear category that I haven’t really shown yet.

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